Keith Saetern is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary designer and creative problem solver.
His work centers around conceptualizing and crafting visual solutions rooted in strategy and empathy. 

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Keith started his first jobs in retail and food service management. Throughout his years, he noticed how powerful design can be in everyday life. Now a fresh graduate, he is inspired and challenged to make everyday brighter, engaging, and more accessible. In his free time, you’ll most likely find him gamer leaning in front of his PC or watching anime.

Education: Certificate from Shillington School of Design

Bet ya didn't know:
• one of his favorite Pokemon is Spheal.
• he's an ex k pop fanatic (SHINee stans unite).
• he used to be right hand dominant, but a freak accident when he was a wee lad caused him to be left hand dominant.
• both of his thumbs are of the hitchhiker's variety (more prominent in the right one).
• he wanted to be a firetruck when he was younger (no, not a firefighter, the truck itself).​​​​​​​

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